Marketing Acronyms

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Optimization, Organic Search, PageRank (PR), Earned Traffic

What does it mean:

Manipulating the search results on Google for fun and profit. Essentially making your site rank higher in search for specific keywords or general topics. 

Simple formula:
In a cluster of (4) links each page would be assigned PR of ¼ or .25. So a total of 0.75 PageRank is passed on to page D to improve rankings.

A PageRank (PR) + B PageRank (PR) + C PageRank (PR) = Page D Received PageRank (PR)

Use it in a sentence:

To colleagues:

“We should invest now in SEO to start seeing organic traffic improve in the next few months.”

To investors:

“We use a combination of SEO and content marketing to generate lots of free users.”

At a party:

“Did I ever tell you the time I did SEO on my friend’s personal website to rank for the search term ‘pickle fetish’?”

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